If you haven’t heard, there’s a new kind of valley girl repping California today – and she’s very unlike her Angeleno predecessor. To the north, situated between two meccas of technology and fine wine respectively, a foggy, golden gated city is home to this type of valley girl nouveau who is smart, sophisticated, and San Franciscan.

About the Blog

Silicon to Sonoma is a lifestyle blog about living in and eating up modern day San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area – from Silicon to Sonoma Valley. Plus, design driven tips, trends, and momentary obsessions to pique the interest of SF’s valley girl nouveau.

About Me

To reveal a broad statement about myself: I love design. I can’t express it enough. Interior design, fashion, prints, textiles, typography, food plating, the list goes on. To me, it’s all important. It makes life beautiful. And where I live, it’s in no short supply. Follow me in my attempts to share good things, good design and the art of everything.

About Silicon to Sonoma

Hello, San Francisco!

By the good graces of luck and fortune, I live in this magnificent city. Not to brag, but let me tell you a little bit about it. San Francisco is a global destination for leisure and travel, the site of both natural and architectural wonders, a progressive leader of human rights and social issues, an intellectual hub for creativity and innovation, home to Mrs. Doubtfire, Full House and other cinematic achievements, generally awe inspiring, expansive, expensive, among other things.

More on the Valley Girl Nouveau

In addition to the aforementioned bragging points, a unique set of conditions have allowed this class of San Franciscan girl to emerge as a sociological phenomenon and delight to all mankind.

Like the OG valley girl, the coining of her name is contingent upon a proximal valley in which the credit for her creation is placed. Divergent from the stigmatically superficial and shallow variety of San Leandro Valley, the SF valley girl has ties to not one but several Northern California valleys that are actually gold mines of character-shaping complexity. Notable among them are, duh, Silicon Valley and Sonoma Valley. Inundated with drones and data points, geeky guys and gingham shirts, croque madames and chardonnay, mantras of the equally tech savvy and culinary cultured SF valley girl include: “geek is chic” and “brunch is bottomless”.

Painting in broad strokes, she’s skilled at social media – all of it – and has strong, edgy female role models like Amy Poehler or Amy Schumer. Unlike the Amys, she is probably brunette. She works in Mountain View or the Financial District and has a job title like “Account Manager” or “Production Coordinator” indicating a career of substance but with an air of mysterious that leaves you wondering what exactly she really does.

She could have a species of rom-com heroine named for her, like in that chapter of Mindy Kaling’s book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me: And Other Concerns, because like a rare bird that is street smart and book smart, perfect at meeting your parents, and highly skilled at nailing her signature look, it’s hard to believe she exists in real life.

Jokes aside (actually I think I’ve been pretty honest), there’s a cool crop of females dwelling in the San Francisco Bay Area today. I’m fortunate to roam among them, befriend many of them, and be inspired by all of them.

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