Restaurant Review: the Girl & the Fig

Girl and the Fig - Sonoma, CA

I spend a fair number of weekends frequenting Sonoma, ever since my parents sold the home I grew up in and relocated to wine country to retire (they still won’t tell me the secret to their success). The point is, because of the time I spend there, my friends and coworkers often ask me for restaurant and winery recommendations when a day trip is on the books – and the first place I always recommend is the Girl & the Fig.

I. Love. This. Place. Like, I follow Sondra, the head chef, on Instagram. Because I’m obsessed.

Serving up French inspired cuisine for blunch and dinner, the Girl & the Fig’s modestly sized menu makes up for its low character count with concentrated deliciousness. There is also a sidewalk chalkboard that displays the plats du jour, which my parents walk their dogs past daily just to read about the latest culinary achievements being cooked up inside.

Blunch at Girl & the Fig is my favorite. The plain and simple reason is because the quiche du jour is the best you will have in Sonoma, Napa, and even California. Adding to this testimony is one of my main baes, who, despite loving France more than any place on earth and living there for a period of time, still claims that the quiche here is the best she has ever had.

Located in the downtown plaza at the top of Sonoma Square, the Girl & the Fig is conveniently located with easy and free street parking – but don’t let its accessibility fool you. This place fills up fast, especially for dinner. If you are looking for a weekend reservation, I recommend booking your table at least 2 weeks in advance.

Both inside and outside seating are available and both have good service, though if you know me, you know that I will always opt for an outside table. I could develop a whole restaurant rating system based on outdoor seating areas alone. If there was such a rating, the Girl & the Fig would receive moderately above average marks. It’s cute, quaint, and well enclosed by a stylistically rustic fence and canvas canopies that provide shade on sweltering afternoons and insulation on cooler off-beat days.

Star Factor: If you are a Bachelor fan, and I hope you are, you may recall the Girl & the Fig from Ben Flajnik’s season when he took not-crazy-yet Kacie B. on a hometown date, during which they baton twirled down the adjacent street, performed a children’s play in the park, and dined at this famed restaurant.

the Girl & the Fig - Croque Monsieur
Blunch: Croque monsieur with frisee and quinoa salad
Girl and the Fig - Quiche du Jour
Blunch: Quiche du jour with pomme frites and mixed greens

Visit the Girl & the Fig website here. Bon Apetit!

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