Cocktail Recipe: Pick Your Peach!

In a land where everyone and their pug has a signature drink, it’s only fitting that the first recipe to hit the S2S archives is a cocktail recipe! I present to you the first of many magical elixirs to come, which I have dubbed the Pick Your Peach.

Pick Your Peach Cocktail Recipe


  • Vodka -or- bourbon
  • An orangey liqueur*
  • White peach puree
  • Fresh squeezed lemon
  • Muddled mint
    *acceptable orangey liqueurs include: cointreau, triple-sec, grand marnier

What I love about this delicious drink is its versatility. Literally allowing you to pick your poison, this refreshing summer beverage offers you a choice of vodka or bourbon, bridging the divide between the clear and brown beverage camps at the party.


I’m just going to leave this here…

Disclaimer: I use the word “recipe” very liberally. Cocktail recipes on this blog do not include measurements – because I hate them and because a good chef can just eyeball it. Make it strong or make it stronger – you do you, boo!

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